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Open Source Android Goodness

In the mobile operating system space Android is great in that it's Open Source but the bulk of the apps for it are not for various reasons. A lot of apps are free but riddled with ads and others are mostly free of ads but you the user are also the product.

The Experiment

As an experiment I've been trying to use Open Source equivalents of apps that fall under either of the above mentioned categories along with some apps that stand alone as being great on their own which also happen to be Open Source.

The Goodness

Here's where I'll provide a table of what I'm using, what it does, and a link to where you can find out more about it. You'll be able to find these in the expected places -- the Google Play Store and/or F-Droid.

AntennaPodA no nonsense podcast app
FrostA web wrapper for Facebook and Messenger
NewPipeA web wrapper for YouTube
NotesA simple note taking app that utilizes Markdown formatting
PhonographA fantastic material design audio player
TwidereA Twitter client
Voice RecorderA no nonsense voice recorder

Moment of Zen

In the nearly a month I've been trying this out to see if it is feasible to use Open Source apps for at least some of my daily app use I'd say it's not only possible but also good for the soul. At least with these apps I've been using, the takeaway is feeling less like the product and more like a proper user.

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